The gL Kids is our children's ministry at Greater Life Church.   The gL Kids team partners with parents to help children grow in their relationship with Jesus.  We are committed to creating safe and fun environments where your children are taught about the Bible and have a place where they can have an amazing experience with Jesus.  Join us Sundays at 12 pm. Stay connected with everything that's happening by following us on social media.

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Our gL Kids Jr environments consists of our Nursery, Toddler and Preschool/Kindergarten classes.  Our nursery rooms provides an age appropriate environment for children ages six weeks through twenty-three months that are well staffed and prepared with toys that are cleaned thoroughly every week.
In our Toddlers through Kindergarten rooms, the children will learn about the Bible through activities such as stories, crafts and small group discussions.

Our elementary classes are designed to present the love of Jesus in the heart of each child in a way that is exciting and makes sense to them.  Every week they will get to hear a key Bible story that will help them to discover Jesus and reflect Him to the world around them.  

we are beginning the year reviewing ALL THREE of our basic truths. Your preschoolers will hear how God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever all month long.

Throughout the month of January, our children will hear how Jesus was there for people in the past. He was there when the blind man needed Him. He was there when a man lowered from the roof by his friends on a mat needed Him. He was there to heal the deaf man and the lepers who needed Him. He was there to calm the storm when the disciples needed Him.

Just like He was there when all these people needed Him in the past, He will be there when we need Him in the future. That’s what we want to plant in the hearts of our preschoolers this month. Jesus is all we need, and He’s with us ALL THE TIME.

Knowledge is a response to the character of God.    

When kids turn about four years old they start asking, “Why?” It’s like suddenly a switch flips and they begin to string together their questions in an attempt to understand everything around them. And this continues throughout life. Watch an eight-year-old for very long and you can become convinced that everyone is wired with a natural curiosity to discover what we don’t know and go where we haven’t been.

God designed people in such a unique way—different from the rest of creation—to pursue finding the answers to life’s hidden secrets. The very fact that we naturally pursue knowledge is proof that there is a God. It’s actually genius that God would make us in such a way that we are always discovering, wondering, exploring, innovating, improving, and solving. He wants us to pursue knowing more, because He wants us to know Him more.

The most important thing you can do for young kids is to invite them into the story about a really big God. It’s a story that will always be bigger than they can explain or imagine, but God invites them to spend a lifetime discovering who He is and how He loves them.