"Lord, I love the house where you live, the place where Your glory dwells"- Psalm 26:8

This year we want to give ourselves to a vision and mission that's BEYOND. Beyond average, beyond base line living, beyond ordinary and into the extraordinary. God wants to take the gL beyond anything we can imagine.When you invest in God's Kingdom, He will bring you into greater growth than you ever thought possible. God will take you beyond your expectations, beyond your limits. As you make an investment into God's cause,  there is no limit to how many people we can reach. 

Our new Beyond Campaign will have three major phases of renovation to The gL happening over the next year.  We encourage you to seek God on How He will lead you to give beyond your normal tithe.  We believe by your Beyond gift, God will not only bless this church, but He will also bless you.  If at any time throughout the next year, you would like to contribute to our Beyond Project, you can give during any of our Worship Experiences or you can give online.

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